With more than 16 years of experience, both in Germany and Spain, the Juan Velázquez Architecture Studio provides a service clearly sustained by many works of architecture and interior design, sculptures and design that have been carried out successfully. Moreover, over the years, the studio has carried out many expert reports, valuations, appraisals, market studies territorial qualifications, openings, and more.


Personalised design

Each and every user, place and moment is different and unique. Our work is to combine all the factors that affect the project to turn it into a personal and unique design. We attach great importance to a client’s dreams and it is an incentive for us to create a personal and high-quality project. Our works intend to convey emotions but we always adapt to a user’s needs and concerns.


Commitment and reliability

Our relationship with our clients is based on trust and professional commitment which combined with a common vision enable us to obtain the best and highest-quality results. Commitment and seriousness are indispensable to establish a relationship full of trust with our clients. That is why these values mean a lot to us. We are very strict in complying with observances and deadlines, in order to provide a service even better than the one expected.



Cost control  and sustainability

We strive for an economic planning right from the very first ideas of the project. We plan the possible costs, we study energy-saving measures, we seek the local building materials, we examine the environment and study the construction standards… We rely on a multidisciplinary team made up by an economist, a building engineer and an architect who coordinate their talents for you and guarantee 100% success in carrying out your projects.


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